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American Kennel Club
Passed AKC Inspection 2011
Passed Illinois State Inspection 2015

International Siberian Husky Club

All our Sires are DNA tested.

Tank, The Arctic Ice Blue Polar Bear
 # V505288
Demon Nija Sybirski
 # V513093
Iced Black Russian
# V588671
Tank’s, That’s Snow Trouble At All
# V594117

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Demon Nija Sybirski:

Hips #  SH-16696G32M-VPI
Elbows # SH-EL 163M32-VPI

Iced Black Russian:

Hips #  SH-16695G31F-VPI
Elbows # SH-EL 162F31-VPI

Tank, The Arctic Ice Blue Polar Bear:

Hips #  SH-16894G26M-VPI
Elbows # SH-EL170M26-VPI

Canine Eye Registration Foundation

Demon’s Howling Iced Tundra:
Normal (SH-9084)

Iced Black Russian:
Normal (SH-9114)

Sterling Iced Sybirski:
Normal (SH-9115)

Tank’s Arctic Ice Boo Polar Bear:
Normal (SH-9119)

Silver Iced Kilo:
Normal (SH-9235)

Ice Silver Sabre:
Normal (SH-9234)

All our dogs & puppies are microchipped using either Avid or the Home Again Microchips.  This displays the animal’s internal body temperature and chip number during the scan!


Welcome to! Owning a Siberian Husky can be quite challenging. We would recommend all prospective new sibe owners review the breed characteristics at the American Kennel Club link here: An Introduction to the Siberian Husky.  By registering your puppy with AKC you receive a complimentary 60-day trial AKC Pet Healthcare Plan. Plan covers accident and injury, illness and prescribed medications. Up to $1500 total coverage is available.

Our puppies are raised indoors. We play and interact with them throughout the day, every day. This ensures you receive a happy and well adjusted puppy. Research shows that the puppy's personality is mostly developed within the first 12 weeks which are considered the critical stages of a pup's development. It is crucial that your puppy receive social interaction and stimulation at this time. We strive to develop the best puppies possible. Please read:

The Critical Periods in Your Puppy's Life.”


You are more than welcome to apply for an available puppy from one of our current litters or on future litters.
 We will keep your application and deposit on file for pick of litter in order received.
Current Litters can be viewed here on the Puppies Available Tab.
Color Codes:  Blue=Available  Tan=Reserved with Deposit  Green=Puppy is Paid in Full



AKC Kilo and Maxx
(Litter arrived 7 Feb 2015)
(Six Weeks  21 Mar 2015 Available  4 Apr 2015)
BW Female Reserved Bryan and Kelley +Tax
BW Male 1  Reserved Patrick M. +Tax
BW Male 3  Reserved James F. +Tax
Huck, BW Male 5  Reserved Devin & Breanna W. +Tax
King, BW Male, Available
BW Male 4, Reserved Ryan E. -Tax

Pictures up on our available puppies page

These are the Picks with paid deposits we have pending for future litters:

Bridget & Bert J., BW Female Next Litter
Samantha C., Male, RW
or other (nc)

We will accept contingency applications for any reserved puppy in the event
the current family is unable to take possession.  Apply Here.



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Under NO circumstances are visits with the puppies allowed until they are 8 weeks of age and received their first set of vaccinations.  This prevents any chance of an outside virus from coming into our home and getting the puppies sick.  We post updated pictures on this website on a regular basis. On Pickup Days times are 9AM to Noon Saturdays only. 

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