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Puppies Reserved

This page provides updates bi-weekly on Sunday nights when the puppy is 2, 4 and 6 weeks old to the families that have reserved puppies from current litters below.
There will be NO updates on  Holiday weekends so we can enjoy family time.  Puppies reserved and kept past 8 weeks will not receive updates.
Puppy pickups are on Saturdays, by appointment only.  Flight departures are established for puppies flying to new homes to minimize transit times and reduce trips to the airport.  If you require a special pick up day or flight change additional fees apply.  See “Payment” tab.  You must have an application on file.
We will accept contingency applications for any reserved puppy in the event
the current family is unable to take possession.  Apply Here. 



AKC Loki and Gunner
(Litter born 25 November 2017
Six Weeks on 6 January 2018,
Available on any Satruday)