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Shipping Info


The map on this page highlights where our puppies now live and give you an indication that we can ship anywhere within the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska and Canada.  States and Provinces our puppies now live in are highlighted in yellow.  We will not ship to Hawaii because they require a quarantine.



While our first preference is to have the puppy’s new family pick them up in person, we realize that is not always possible.  Shipping is available for your puppy at the cost of $395 to most major airports in the contiguous 48 states of the US. Shipping is generally done thru American or United depending on temperature or hours of operation. If temperature restrictions are an issue, we may transport your puppy by ground, depending on location. If special arrangements are necessary, additional fees may apply. Every puppy being shipped will come with an airline approved crate, insurance and vet issued Health Certificate.

Dog Shipping Guidelines

This document outlines the general kennel guidelines and documents which are required when shipping your dog or cat.  Advanced arrangements are frequently required; use the new online Animal Shipping Request form to make a reservation if you are shipping from origins in the United States or Canada.


⑀⍻ The original and one copy of a Health Certificate for each animal, signed by a veterinarian, dated no more than 10 days prior to shipping

⑀⍻ Proof of rabies vaccination (this information may be included on the Health Certificate)

⑀⍻ Certificate of Acclimation signed by a veterinarian, when shipping at temperatures below 45 F (7 C) at origin, connecting point and destination

The airlines will not accept animals if the temperature, at any point in the itinerary, is below 20 F (-7 C)

⑀⍻ A Feeding and Watering Instructions label must be completed when the animal is dropped off — this label provides feeding and watering instructions and states that the animal has been offered food and water within four hours before drop off.

⑀⍻ Verify other document requirements for the destination (i.e. state authorities for domestic shipments, embassy or consulate for each country in the routing)

Kennel/Shipping Container

⑀⍻ Approved for air transport

⑀⍻ Labeled ‘Live Animal’ (on top and at least one side) and ‘This Way Up’ or directional arrows indicating the correct, upright position

⑀⍻ Animal is able to sit, stand and turn around without touching any side of the container

⑀⍻ Adequately ventilated (on three sides for domestic travel and four sides for international travel), clean, escape-proof, leak-proof and contain suitable, absorbent material (not hay or straw)

⑀⍻ Collapsible kennels or kennels with plastic or top opening doors are not allowed

⑀⍻ Animals must not be able to poke any body parts through any openings

⑀⍻ Must contain feeding and watering receptacles securely attached to the inside of the kennel which are accessible from the outside, without opening the container, and a small bag of dry food should be attached to the top of the kennel

⑀⍻ Shipper and receiver name, address and telephone number must be attached to the container

⑀⍻ We recommend purchasing your approved kennel well in advance of travel, to help familiarize your animal with the enclosure

The Health of Your Animal

⑀⍻ The animal must be fit to travel (i.e. animals in heat are not allowed)

⑀⍻ The animal must be at least eight weeks old and weaned, with this information stated on the health certificate

⑀⍻ Sedated dogs and cats will not be accepted


Temperature Requirements and Restrictions

Weather Forecasts

Check the forecast on

Warm-blooded Animals

For the health and safety of your animal, airlines follow the USDA guidelines for shipping animals during periods of extreme temperatures. The optimum temperature range for transporting most warm-blooded animals is between 45 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit at the origin, destination and connecting cities. Warm-blooded animals will not be accepted for transport if the actual or forecasted temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit at any city on the routing. (See exceptions below.)

Shipping Warm-blooded Animals in Temperatures Below 45 Degrees Fahrenheit
For all animals, if the temperature is, or is forecasted to be, under 45 degrees at any city on the animal's routing, a Certificate of Acclimation is required in order for your animal to travel. This certificate must be issued and signed by a licensed veterinarian and dated within 10 days of the shipping date. It must include the shipper's name and address, type of animal and to what temperature below 45 degrees the animal can withstand (but not lower than 20 degrees). Your animal may be accepted as long as the forecasted temperature is not below 20 degrees Fahrenheit, or the temperature noted on the certificate, whichever is more restrictive.
A certificate of acclimation with no specific temperature stated on the document (i.e. animal's thermoneutral temperature zone) is invalid and will cause the animal shipment to be refused by the airlines.

Shipping Animals in Temperatures Above 85 Degrees Fahrenheit
Warm-blooded animals (including birds) will not be accepted for transport if the actual or forecasted temperature exceeds 85 degrees Fahrenheit at any city on the routing unless the airline offers a temperature controlled facility.

 Recommended Helpful Hints We Utilize:

Pack a leash and collar so that your pet may be walked if necessary.

Include ID tags with your name and phone number or microchip tag.

Never transport an animal with a choke collar or muzzle.

Keep your animal as calm as possible prior to the flight.

Purchase the kennel as far in advance of travel as possible and allow the animal to become familiar with it to ease the stress of travel.




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